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This site is designed for trainers, facilitators and instructors primarily in the health and social care sector.

The products and services on this site are designed to help existing freelance health and social care trainers develop new and existing skills and knowledge with the ultimate goal of helping you boost your income and earning potential.

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These products and services are also aimed at health and social organisations that are looking to develop their own existing health and social care staff to take ownership of workplace training and workforce development and deliver 'in-house' training courses to their own health and social care teams.

Webinars and online?

Whatever your thoughts and opinions are on online training and use of webinars to deliver training and CPD the fact is that we live in the digital, online and super connected age.

According to OFCOM 66% of adults in the UK now own a smartphone and most people use some form of other internet enabled device every day in their work or their leisure time.

The 'infrastructure' for this type of training is already here and needs to be harnessed; not to replace traditional classroom training, but to support and enhance it.

Live webinars (using easy to use downloaded third party apps) allow easy access to training events with the benefit of interaction with real live instructor; from virtually anywhere, all you need is a internet enabled device and an internet connection.

Please enjoy using these products and services, whether it is too develop and train your existing teams or to earn more money!

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